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Hydrasorb® Hydrophilic Urethane Foam

Hydrasorb® is a registered trademark for a medical grade polyurethane hydrophilic foam technology platform and family of products.

Quality, consistency, and a proven track record are hallmarks of the Hydrasorb® brand.

Custom Foam Applications

Carwild is one of the few firms with the capability to mold Hydrasorb®.

The unique hydrophilic properties of Hydrasorb® foam technology are applicable to a wide range of applications.
Medical: Wound care, drug delivery, medical devices, dental
Packaging: Sensitive electronics, specialized equipment
Cosmetics: Applicators

Design & Manufacturing

Our design and manufacturing teams consistently meet OEM requirements on time and on budget.

We offer our business partners application development in complex hydrophilic foam.

Our goal is to develop and maintain long term, mutually beneficial business relationships.

FDA registered manufacturing site, ISO Certified.


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